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The Kolkata Museum of Modern Art has been envisaged as a living, evolving art community where creativity in its many forms can converge. The visual packaging, that can convey a rich imagination and an interface of various art forms, could only be summarized through colours—notably the three primaries. Because colour palettes are integral to art. Moreover, both geographically and culturally, India is a land of vivid colours. In the logo they are transparent, stressing KMOMA’s openness to the world, its acknowledgement of the need to welcome change, to evolve continually. The sans serif letters are a correlative of KMOMA’s modern, international identity, while keeping the K of Kolkata in a contrasting opaque black anchors the logo and highlights the location of the museum in India and its weighty tradition. Significantly, the letters overlap the way concerns and issues do in life itself. As a reminder of both the fluid interconnectedness of creative expressions and  KMOMA’s commitment reflecting the same. 

The logo was developed under the larger working concept of ‘A Place Where Art Lives’. It’s a visual embodiment of KMOMA as an inspiring, living art-community where the imagination has plenty of room to live, grow, create, inspire, and surprise.